10 Ways in Which Colleges/Schools Dupe Students

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Colleges and schools are important part of a student’s life. Colleges and schools can make or break a person’s career. There are some colleges who have made tremendous efforts in building students working ability and have provided them with good jobs. On the other hand there are some colleges and schools that are building, who cheat many students as well as parents showing them dreams about imparting them good education.  So here are few ways that we should have a look on so that we may not be mislead in any way. The top 10 ways how colleges or even schools dupe students are as follows:

1. So called certified degree:


Many institutes claim that their degree is certifies by government but actually they are not. This is one of the ways how many fake institutes are cheating many students. This can again be checked by both students and parents before taking admission as all the certified courses are from the government that approves them. So proves can be asked by parents so as to check whether the degree given by the student is approved or not.

2. Teachers promoting tuition:


There are various teachers that are teaching in schools and colleges just for the name sake. Their main purpose is to call students to their home for tuition where they can get extra money. This is way of cheating both students and parents by putting their efforts less in schools or colleges so that more students can be gathered at home for extra tuitions. This is one of the worst ways how teachers of institutes cheat their students.

3. Collection of extra money:


When institutes collect fees from students usually the parents are satisfied but the main reason by which they feel cheated is when schools and colleges collect extra money in the name of services. But a good institute is one that properly lays down all the rules and fee structure and also sticks to it. So usually after paying fee many schools and colleges collect money in the form of various taxes and services. This should be thoroughly condemned.

4. Deficiency in quality of study:


Students should always remain informed before they take admission in any college or institute. Usually many people find that the quality of education that was claimed by the institute before the admission is not true. They find a deficiency in the quality of study. Usually the way in which the course and education procedure is presented is very high from the actual way in which it is taught. So this is also one of the ways in which students are cheated by many institutes.

5. Less efficient recruitment:


Usually in today’s scenario students need professional course and degree. If they are not provided with proper recruitment from colleges it becomes worthless for a student to get admission. There are many institutes who claim to call various big companies at the time of recruitment. So before you take admission in a particular institute you must check with other present students whether the information is correct or not.

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