10 Ways in Which Colleges/Schools Dupe Students

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6. Not enough resources:


It is only when the student joins the institute; he comes to know that the institute has cheated him/her. Students need resources for various work involved in their research or study. It is the responsibility of the institute that they provide all the resources needed for research. Usually students are cheated saying that the institute have all the computer facility needed but it is not so.

7. Fake boasting:


Many colleges and schools give advertisement for their promotion. They show as if their institute is going to become popular world wide very soon but ultimately there lies a bitter truth. All their promises prove to be fake. In this way many institute dupe many students coming from all over the country.

8. Partiality:


This is not an uncommon thing for many students. Institutes dupe many students by way of partiality. Partiality in the admission procedure, in the attendance criteria and in the internal marks result are most common. Many students in our country are facing this problem which should be abolished somehow. Many students both in schools and colleges face this problem.

9. Increment in fees:


Initially students are called from various places and are attracted by boasting about various facilities so that the student get admission in that particular institute but it is only after some time that the institute cheats the student and gradually after an year they increase the fees of their institute. This is one of the various ways how a school or college dupes the student. Parents should always cross check with different sources about the institute and then they should get the admission procedure done.

10. Donation:


This is one of the ways how colleges and schools dupe students. This is one of the most common ways of cheating the student. One gets admission in colleges by working hard and putting the best effort from his/her side on the other hand people get admission just by way of donation. This is how an institute cheats many students. Donation is already banned and despite of declaring a number of times that they don’t take donation still institutes do take donations.



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