Top 10 Tips for Personality Development

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Our personality affects many things in our own life. The way we communicate with others, the way we live, the way we walk and talk, all makes our personality. Our personality influences our relationships with friends and family. It is also important for us to maintain a good attitude in our personality for our personal as well as our professional life. There are various basic habits by which we can enhance our personality. Some of the top 10 tips for personality development are given below.

1. Exercise daily:


Your personality also includes your body shape and structure. When you exercise daily you will have an attractive personality and people will admire as well as adore you. It is not just good so that you can look good but also it is good for your body. Exercising daily will keep you away from many diseases ad infections.

2. Work on your accent:


When you speak your accent should be such that pleases everyone. When your accent is good it will directly or indirectly influence people around. You can do this by watching good English movies so that you can adopt the accent they are speaking and also by participating in various debates and social gatherings.

3. Be kind:


When you talk to people whose economic status is less than that of yours, you should treat them equally. You should never differentiate between people who are financially sound and financially not sound. Be kind to the poor and respect the elders. These manners and quality of yours will always enhance your personality and your children will look up to you as a great parent.

4. Good eating habits:


To enhance your personality you should look to your eating habits. You should always eat keeping your mouth closed and making no noise out of your mouth. This comes in the basic manners which will help you to improve your personality. This will also help the people in your family who are younger than you to adapt the same habits which you have.

5. Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’:


These are the basic manners that one should apply in everyday life. In today’s scenario where mobiles and friends are given more importance than parents we forget to use words such as these. We should always be humble enough to use please, kindly and thank you for what we say. Some people think that by using them others will think less of him/her but it is just a myth. This shows that you have good etiquette and manners embedded in you since childhood.

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