10 Things Women Always Carry in her Purse

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Women and their handbags are often the butt of typically ‘guy’ jokes which comment that these over-sized things are practically like townships. No matter, how many jokes are cracked on this, these items only make a women ready-to go, to look graceful and still deal with unexpected situations. Many of you may feel that all women have in their purse is a make up kit. But mind you, you will be amazed to see other items that they carry. So have a look on some of the most common things that they keep in their handbags.

1. Money


Now comes the turn of the most important thing on our list which is carried by all women that is money. The absence of money makes you incomplete to go anywhere. Whether you have to buy things in case of emergency or even some cookies for that matter or fare to be given to taxi driver. Many women prefer to carry credit/debit cards along with some cash  for payments at shopping malls or for some online transaction.

These things looks after her most of  needs while she is away.  I believe that after going through these points, you will definitely rethink before commenting on women’s  handbag and appreciate it for the item it contains.

2. Mobiles


For sure, a completely charged mobile is a must in a women’s purse. The advantages are many; call your parents/office in case your are late with your work, in case your are in trouble or play games when you are stressed, or whats-app your friend about your current plan and  even if not this, then you can always keep a check on your boyfriend or plan for day out with friends in  your spare time. Not to forget, the phone charger, not that you need it but your phone does.

3. Deodrants or Perfumes


Something which everyone wants to take along with when he/she is out. But as far as women are concerned, this particular thing becomes a matter of great importance because they are proved to be life-savor at times. Not just it drives away the unpleasant smell, it can drive away the unwanted strangers around. Some girls prefer to take pepper spray in their purse as they are more effective and have long lasting effect on those unwanted entities.


4. Make up kit


Many of you might be waiting for this number to come. Well here it is, they can forget everything but there is always space enough for this particular kit in their purse. Working women travel a lot, they need to look presentable for their meeting or  presentations, or even attending clients at any time. A tiny-winy make up kit looks after her all such needs.The sunscreen or moisturizer can be added  to whole kit to protect your skin from uneven weather.


5. Tampons and Tissue Paper


Then there are women who are ready even for those days which can surprise you– sanitary napkins or tampons for your own or a friend’s emergency. quite obvious to keep tissues to freshen you up when you have been travelling a lot and are quite exhausted.

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