10 Things Women Always Carry in her Purse

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6. Hair Accessories


Women are quite particular about their hair after their face. How can her handbag miss this tool? A hairbrush, a simple comb or some accessories like hairpins and hair-bands are must in her purse.  There are times when they suffer a bad hairdo while travelling, they can get it addressed using this very tool.


7. Hand Sanitizer


The famous quote, “Prevention is better than cure” , describes it all. Every smart woman who understands the importance of cleanliness knows that this item is one of the essentials. While you are away to some public place, you are bound to come in contact with a range of people. To avoid the infections and germs from different sources, this hand sanitizer help you in those times.


8. Umbrella


This may seem to be occupying a lot of space but not anymore. The fold-able umbrella won’t inflate your handbag. The presence of this thing can protect you from uncertain weather, be it rain or scorching heat. You are always ready to go. Not to forget, it could be used as your sole weapon to poke those eve-teasers after you.


9. A pen and Small notepad


A notepad with a pen is all required when you have to jot down a list of things to be bought or to save contact and address. It can become a planner which can remind you about the upcoming meetings and the pending tasks.


10. Pocket Mirror


A pocket mirror comes in real handy when you have to take a look at mascara in your eyes, your hairdo or when you have to apply lip gloss to complete your touch up. Not just the face but it can help you to keep a check on the strangers spying on you.


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