10 Ways to Become a Smart Citizen

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When we reside in a country we become the citizen of that country. We have some obligations towards our nation. We have to fulfil many duties and become a smart citizen. A smart citizen helps in the development of the country. Here are 10 ways to become a smart citizen.

10. Be educated and support education


Can you think of success without education? Being educated has become very necessary in today’s world. An uneducated person has no knowledge about his duties toward his country, his society and his family. Only an educated person knows how to work in a correct manner and how to behave in a particular situation. It is hard for an uneducated person to understand the modern society and how can they help the society. A person can’t become wise without getting enlightened by the education. Education is important to have a secure future. If you want to become a smart citizen you must support education.

9. Don’t litter the waste

dont litter

A smart citizen will never throw the waste here and there. People tend to throw the wafer packets, fruit peels, cans etc on the roads while travelling. Many people do not use the municipal dustbins to throw their house waste. Instead of throwing it in municipal dustbin they throw the waste on empty grounds and on roads. It is important to keep our surroundings clean as waste littering on open grounds attract flies and mosquitoes which causes many diseases. Be a smart citizen and throw your waste in dustbins. It is a habit of a good citizen to pick up nay lying litter.

8. Don’t waste electricity

save electricity

Many of us are not in a habit of switching off the fans and lights when we leave the room. Not only this, when we go to some public places or offices we waste electricity just because we are not paying for it. You must know that electricity is generated from non renewable resources. If we keep on wasting electricity like this, there will come a day when we will have no lights in our home. Always turn off fans and lights when not in use.

7. Be aware

be aware

If you want to become a good citizen then it is necessary for you to know what is going around in the society. Reading newspaper and watching the daily news helps us to be aware of our society and the things going around us. Be aware of the new projects like environmental projects going around you and is there any negative effects of such projects on your society. Take part in meetings of your society and help to make your society a better place.

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