Top 10 Countries with Most Advanced Technology

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Many countries in the world have been making attempts in order to sustain and acquire the position of a world class technological country, simply because the technological stand of a country shows the country’s power and status at the global level. A technologically advanced country would be capable of achieving and mastering almost anything, be it peaceful relations with other countries and as bad as beginning a war. Some countries are trying to make efforts to become technologically advanced for the good reasons, such as increasing and expanding their IT development sectors and other technological equipments, whereas there are some other countries who wish to be technologically advanced for the sole purpose of ruling the world and producing harmful nuclear weapons. As we all known and infer, technology is one of the greatest weapons a nation can possess, because it could help the country to construct and create anything, or destroy everything. In this process, there are  many countries in the world who have already attained this staged of being called as one of the most technologically advanced nations as a result of their skilful knowledge and expertise. Here is a list of the top 10 most advanced technological countries in the world, which remain unbeatable in competition from other various countries struggling to be technologically empowered.

1. Japan

Japan 1


Japan is known and considered to be the Superior country in the field of technology among al, other nations because this is one country which comes up with some kind of technological and scientific invention every now and then. Recently, this country has been on the talks for their technological invention of the Dimensional Elevator, which could transport you from one floor to the other in the blink of an eye, almost making the experience similar to that of travelling in a time machine. Their new laser gun device is capable of firing lasers in the air, thus making Japan the country with the best technology in the world, along with developing their scientific field.

2. Finland


Finland is the country which tops almost every sector such as politics, health, education, economy and standard of living. This has all been made possible due to their high technology projects which are aimed to make this country the best and the most advanced country in the field of technology. The per capita output if this country equals to many other European countries taken together, which explains their massive developments made in technology over the years.

3. United States of America


The home to some of the best global companies such as Google, Dell, Intel and AMT, United States of America is one of the fastest growing technological countries in the world. This country is known to possess the finest and most developed intelligence system in the world, the credit of which goes to its advanced technological equipments and advancements. This country is also not far behind when it comes to space technology, seeing the fact that the first person to land on the moon was as American.

4. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is another countries which has done exceptionally well in the field of science and technology. We are talking about the country which has given the world the robots, air conditioners and has some of the best made cars, trains and planes. The technological field in this country has been moving and growing rapidly, making this country pretty close to become the top most advanced technological country in the world.

5. Germany


Since World War 2, Germany has been the country known for producing some of the best army and military tanks, and therefore traces its technological advancements back in the early 1900’s. Germany today is known as the most advanced technological country in the world because of its immense capacity and capability to grow and expand their scientific fields, which has shown one of its best examples to the world, the Olympic Stadium of Berlin. This stadium would astonish people through its high class technology and infrastructure.

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