Top 10 Magical Traditions around the World

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6. Pow-vowing


Pow Vowing is a magical tradition of the United States, the spells of which has been considered to be close to it being called as a form of black magic, but apparently the spells for this particular magical tradition have been taken from the Bible itself. Pow-vowing is a hundred year old magical tradition which is still practiced by people today, as it has the power to heal people and other magical purposes by magicians.

7. Nagualism


Nagualism is a strange belief in the land of Native America that nagual is a spirit within us, which is a form of an alter ego of a person, which is associated with a specific animal. A person possess with this spirit basically shares the same pain, strength, weakness  and i9njuries with their chosen animal entity and therefore can protect themselves as they are believed to be inseparable from the entitles animal.

8. Quimbanda


Quimbanda is a form of a cult practice performed in Brazil, which even today is associated with black magic practices and theories. The two main forces of this magical practice are the legion spirits of Exu and Pomba gira, which account for the spirits of people roaming on the streets, mainly hustlers and prostitutes. This form of magic is closely associated with darkness and fire which believes that the only way to connect to God is to be [possess by them.

9. Benedicaria


Benedicaria, which basically means ‘Way of Blessings’ is a magical tradition practiced in Italy for years now, involving the use of novenas and prayers to Catholic saints. This magical practice takes Catholicism as its base and is mainly and mostly used for protection from the evil eye. Yet some who perform this practice for evil reasons are known as Stregas or Witches.

10. The Feri Tradition


The Feri Tradition was created by Victor Anderson and his wife Cora in the mid 1900’s in the United States of America. It is believed to be a neo-pagan form of witchcraft which revolves around the belief that humans have three different souls each of them having different functions. One takes care of the functioning of the higher brain, one takes care of the subconscious state of brain and the third deals with immaterial realms. Feri tradition is that of acquiring Nirvana, or the perfect state of being, known as ‘The Black Heart of Innocence’ by indulging oneself into a strong sexual focus and psychic abilities.

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