Top 10 More Extremely Bizarre Phobias

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Phobias have become a common and an usual affair these days among people. People have a fear of many things and this fear of a particular thing is known as a phobia. It is important to realize the difference between being scared and suffering with a phobia. Many people are scared and terrified of a lot of things, yet suffering with a phobia is a completely different story altogether. People who are phobic to certain things have a strong and inbuilt fear for the subject, which they may or may not have the capability of overcoming. When a person suffers from a phobia, he is gripped with a strong deep rooted fear due to which the person becomes very reluctant to indulge himself or even go near or stay around with the thing or subject he has a phobia of. In the recent days, apart from the other usual phobias, there has also been an introduction of other kinds and types of phobias among people, which you might actually find strange and bizarre. The phobias are associated with the things which could be defined as a phobia towards weird things, which makes the phobia all the more quirkier and weirder. Here is a list of the top 10 extremely bizarre phobias that people suffer from these days around the world.

1. Automatonophobia


Automatonophobia is the fear of a ventriloquist’s dummy. Ventriloquism, which basically has got to do with a man putting his hands inside a dummy doll and talking and communicating with him, and making the dummy react and communicate as if it is a living being. This act of ventriloquism has instilled a deep fear within people who get scared and fear when they see or come across a ventriloquist’s dummy.

2. Cathisophobia


Cathisophobia is the fear of sitting down. Another strange kind of a phobia in people, this disorder could probably be related and caused due to physical abuse by sitting on sharp or painful objects, or by receiving punishment during the school days. This phobia also arises in relation to people who also have a fear of sitting in front of elite and influential people. Cathisophobic patients deal with sweating, heavy and short breaths and anxiety when they are trapped in this fear of sitting.

3. Arachibutyrophobia


This is probably the most strangest and bizarre type of a phobia which gets instilled among people, the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, known as Arachibutyrophobia. This specific phobia has got nothing to do with the taste or the likeness towards peanut butter, or even the looks of it, but revolves around a strange feeling people have when they see peanut butter. Many start sweating and their body starts convulsing on consuming peanut butter, and they are gripped with the fear of the butter sticking to the inner parts of their mouth.

4. Pentheraphobia


Pentheraphobia is another yet common type of phobia wherein the person suffering fears one’s mother in law. It is very commonly and usually seen depicted in movies and entertainment serials, but yes it does occur in the real life as well where some people are extremely and strongly gripped with this fear of mother in laws. There are treatments for this kind of a phobia, with divorce being one of the most popular solutions.

 5. Demonophobia


Demonophobia is the fear of demons or evil supernatural beings. People who feel and believe that such evil spirits and supernatural beings exist in this world; they are mostly the ones suffering with this kind of phobia who feel that these beings or demons are lurking around to cause them harm. They become extremely terrified of discussing about demons, and get scared when they are alone in a room in the dark, and get extremely horrified while watching movies on demonic possession and exorcism.

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