Top 10 Ways to Increase Health and Wealth

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6. Eating the executed

Eating the executed

People believe that everyone has a predetermined lifespan and when people are executed there are powers left in them due to the life left over. Due to this reason there is a great demand of the body parts and blood of the people who are executed.


7. Chinese stamina medicines

Chinese stamina medicines

Another way through which man has become a cannibal to become healthy and wealthy is by making Chinese stamina medicines. These medicines are made from corpse of babies, which are then cut into pieces and eventually a powder is made from the corpse which are then filled into capsules. This practice is common in South Korea even when it is considered illegal to make medicines from dead bodies. Not only these capsules helped to increase the stamina, but they also helped in treating many diseases.


8. Sweat of dying man

Sweat of dying man

It may sound outlandish that the sweat of a dying man can be used to treat diseases. When people used the human corpse to make medicines out of them, they utilized all the parts even the sweat from the skin to make medicines. Sweat of the dying man was used to treat many skin problems and hemorrhoids.


9. Ointment from human fat

Ointment from human fat

It is bizarre to use human fat to make medicine. It may sound strange but people make ointments from human fat. It is considered that human fat can be used to three joints in bone and joint. Ointments made from human fat was also used to treat nerve damage as well as muscle cramps. Dishes are made mixed with human fat, blood, animal fat and beer provide new dishes.


10. Moss has grown on the skull

Moss has grown on the skull

The people who were hung in Europe, their skull were used to make medicines. Moss were grown on the skull to make money. This powdered skull on which moss was grown is used to cure dysentery, convolusions and diseases related to head.

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