10 Tips to Spice Up your Relationship

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What is the best part of being in love? The first few months, undoubtedly. The first few months when the world goes topsy turvy and the two people in love can’t stop gushing about it. There is endless romance, uncountable number of promises, dreams of a future together, going on days, talking till the wee hours of the night and what not? Already a few years together? Welcome to reality! Your partner annoys you now. His or her habit of calling up seems suffocating, talking till midnight and even beyond it makes you feel like an owl. Meeting up more than once a week seems a bad idea! Dates? What dates? Things get even worse with people who have been married for a while. This article attempts to make things better between people in love, is they want at all. These simple and easy tips will work wonders if executed properly!

1. Talk


There can be nothing better than talking. It works like a therapy and does wonders to heal wounded relationships. Talk about anything under the blue sky talk about your work, your togetherness, your family, your future, what went wrong in your relationship, how badly you want to be together. Just talk and pour your heart out to your partner and watch as the mystery of making things better unfolds right in front of your eyes. And yes, kiss a lot!

2. Share a 20 second Hug


There are hugs which are friendly, which are corporate and formal. And then there is that hug that generates feelings. The 20 second hug. If everything fails due to some reason or the other, just move forward and hug your partner. Don’t let him or her go or release the hug. As the clock tick tocks and each second passes by, the hug gets more intense ad that warmth it generates is out of the world. You come out of the hug and everything gets better from that point.

3. Go on Trips with Travel Agencies


Wondering why this weird suggestion? When you can go together leaving out everybody else, why on a conducted tour with unnecessary crown around? It is good in a way. You will not know anybody else in the group, alien city, alien people. You have to resort to your partner for anything and everything. He or he will be your only friend, philosopher and guide on the whole trip and this will only bring you two closer.

4. Plan Surprises


No living man can ever get bored of surprises. Plan surprises for your partner. Drop in love notes at any time of the day, buy presents, take him or her out for surprise dates, gift something to your partner that he or she has been wanting for quite sometime now, make a collage of your wedding photos, plan a family get together without letting your partner know. There are so many things to do to surprise your partner, make sure you choose the right one.

5. Role Play


This is fun. When you find that nothing is working out together, switch to somebody else. You two can behave as complete strangers, or two teenagers in love and lust, or like college students who are at loggerheads. The more you continue the game, the more you get into the character and forget who you really are. This just brings back the spark that was missing for so many days, months, years. I personally have never seen a more effective method than this.

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