Top 10 Millionaires Who Went Missing

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It is said that each year around 800,000 people go missing as per the records, around the world. But if the unreported figures are added it might rise up to a tally of 1,300,000 missing persons per year. But keeping track of every commoner is impossible, in this busy world by people like us, who are engrossed in their hectic life. These people neither make into the breaking news nor do they have journalists swarming around their apartment to get a glimpse of their mourning family members. They are the people, who just add up to the tally and become a number in the records. However if these people are millionaires, then there is a hue and cry among the commoners and they are at the edge of their seat to know every detail. Here are 10 such stories of the millionaires who went missing.


1. Arthur Kingsley Porter

Arthur Kingsley Porter

Arthur was an American art historian and medievalist and is accredited for hisstudies and insights into the spread of Romanesque sculpture. He left his career in law to devote his full time to this passion and is still respected for the contributions he made in his field.He disappeared on 8th July 1933, while at his Bolfin islands retreat. It is presumed that he had drowned, but his body has not been found till this date. There are also assumptions that he was killed, or that he faked his death to re-emerge with a new identity at some other parts of Europe.


2. Bob Harrod

Bob Harrod

This multimillionaire had a fairy tale love story, as he managed to marry his sweetheart after a separation of 59 years. He was 81 when the love birds got married, and expected a “happily ever after” situation after their wedding. However what followed was sort of an anticlimax as he went missing from his home on Carnation Drive, Placentia, California on Monday, July 27th, 2009. This was the time he was eagerly waiting for his newly wedded wife to return, who had gone to her home at Missouri to finish her packing. His son in law was the first one to find out that he was missing. The Police are still trying to find out about his whereabouts.


3. Ambrose Small

Ambrose Small

He was a Canadian millionaire who went missing on December 2, 1919 when he was 56 years of age. He was last seen by his lawyer F.W.M. Flock in Small’s office at Grand Opera House. No one who testified, claimed that they had seen him leave his office and no one saw him after that night. Various accusations had been put forward about his disappearance, including that he was killed by his wife and her lover and cremated, and that a policeman helped them cover up the case. But nothing could ever be proved and so the police officially closed the investigation in 1960. His disappearance is still considered as one of the biggest mysteries.


4. Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett

Steve was another self made millionaire who had made his fortunes in the stock market. He was one of the few sports enthusiastic millionaires who pursued their interest in sports more than a passion and is credited to set 116 records which include the record for being the first person to fly across the world on a hot air balloon and making the first nonstop journey around the world on an airplane. Sadly one of such expeditions did cost him dearly, as he went missing during a solo flight in September 2007 over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Around thirteen months after his disappearance his plane was discovered by a hiker and the bones found at the sites were found to be that of Steve’s, after a thorough DNA test.


5. Moe Jiwani

Moe Jiwani

Moe Jiwani went missing in May 2006, when he left his mansion for Toronto where he had to do a business and did not return. His family waited four days before reporting his disappearance to Halton Regional Police. On further investigation, it was found that Jiwani exhibited all the characteristics of a heavy user of crack cocaine. This followed the police finding the Mercedes of Jiwani totally undamaged in the parking lot adjacent to Filmores, the hotel and strip club on the corner of Dundas and Pembroke, smack-dab in an area plagued by crack dealers and crack addicts. Although the police examined many accused, they could not get any leading clue and the disappearance of this millionaire remains a mystery till date.


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