Top 10 Typical Lies Men tell Women

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Lying is the most common practice one could observe between couples. Both of the partners be it the man or the woman, would lie to each other at some part of time for some reason, about which the other person would know the truth most probably, but he/she would pretend to fall for the lie.  This article today is only about the lies men tell women, but the question is most of the times when women know the truth then why do they let him repeat the same excuses again. Well, that is the beauty of love. Let’s talk about some of the typical lies by our dear loving liars.

1. “Babe, I don’t even know this woman who keeps calling me on my cellphone.”


When he says that he met this woman in a party and then never had a conversation with her, but she keeps on calling him on his cellphone. This is his friend with benefits, he may have been seeing her for long but he is not going to tell this to you, it’s on you now, go and find out the truth. After all, you are a woman and you are not calling a stranger regularly.

2. “Sure, I’ll still respect you if we sleep together on the firstdate.”


Once a guy is turned on and wants to have sex with you then he would say almost anything to get in your pants. If you enjoy one night stands and don’t regret it later then you can sleep with him on the first date but if you want him to call you again, then believe me, wait for the some more time. After all, its not about you respected by him but you respecting yourself after having sex with him.

3. “I’m leaving her for you, we’ll marry soon.”


When you are in a relationship with this already committed guy then there are more chances of him seeing you only as a booty call. These men sometimes feel that their lives or career would get unstable if they’ll marry you, so they only keep on postponing the marriage proposal for years and even tend to keep your relationship a secret.

4. “Baby, I didn’t texted even once from last Sunday because I was dealing with some stuff.”


‘Okay, what kind of stuff you were dealing with that you don’t even have a minute to text? Aliens!’ Well you already know the answer again, this guy is playing with your emotions and is trying to fade out of your life without explaining anything to you. He may have got two or three other women on his side and was misleading you as the only woman.

5. “You’re too good for me.”


These are the words definitely to break-up with you without becoming a jerk. He does not want to break up your spirit, but wants you away. According to the professionals, this line works for some women, but generally makes them crave for the guy even more.

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