Top 10 Foods to avoid When Pregnant

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Even if you have always had iron in your stomach, pregnancy can weakens the immune system and makes you more accessible to food – borne illnesses which could actually make you sick and can also harm your baby. When you are pregnant, there are certain hormones and some of these will trigger the cravings for food, but you must stick to safe and low bacteria foods. However many people will argue that a pregnant woman has license to eat whatever they want. A well – balanced and a healthy diet is very important during pregnancy so that you and your unborn baby can be more healthy. I am going to tell you about top ten food that you should avoid during pregnancy



You should avoid food which has mayo in it such as macaroni salad, potato salad and these should be eaten with carefulness. If you are going to eat these dishes outside for dinner or lunch then these can be quickly spoil without any refrigeration. You can save these when you are eating at your home.
If you start feeding your baby best, when he/she is still in your belly then it will be like to give your cute baby the best start possible. It is only a short period of time in which you will have to avoid these dishes. Once your baby is born and you are finished nursing then the world is yours and you can start eating whatever you want.



Well, you should know this, during pregnancy, doing drugs can cause a number from problems from birth to even birth defects. During pregnancy intake of excessive alcohol can also cause problems like increasing the risk of still birth or fetal alcohol syndrome. According to some new research, intake of moderate alcohol can have negative effects on your children later in his life.



It can be a quite surprise for you but you should avoid herbal tea too,  as the impact on the baby in your belly of herbal teas is yet not clear whether it is good for you or not so avoiding herbal teas should be best idea for you. You can choose to drink decaf black, green or white tea or tea with familiar herbs like mint, chamomile or verbena.



Stay away from juices and fruits which are not pasteurized. The process of pasteurization heats juices and milk to a certain temperature which kills micro – organisms without even changing the product so you should always stick to pasteurized products.

5.  LIVER :-


Well, this one should be easy for you to avoid. Liver such as liver sausages* or liver pate,  contains a very high level of Vitamin – A and it is not recommended during pregnancy as it can harm your baby., it will be best if you stay away from liver.

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