Top 10 Ways to Beat Heat

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It’s that time of the year where it should be pouring cats and dogs and we all should be enjoying splashing around in puddles and having samosa-chai. However, thanks to the El-Nino effect and the climate change, we’re still not over with the hot summers.

It’s high time we discovered some heat-beating techniques for these extended summers. All the same, we don’t want methods which involve spending  a ton of money, because after all we’re not Bill Gates, right? These are more street-smart and weather-smart techniques.

Here’s a list of top 10 ways to beat the heat.

1. Stop thinking, start acting!


The more you obsess over the temperature, the more it’s going to gnaw at your brain. Seriously, give a break to those “oh-it’s-so-hot” discussions and keep your cool if anyone attempts to do the same with you. Simple psychology asks you to preoccupy your brain with more important wordly matters. Think about the Hamas kidnappings in the Israel-Gaza strip. Even the number of increasing Ebola cases will do. But divert your brain!

2. Sunny “Deo”-L


Summers lead to hot body temperatures, leading to sweat, leading to horrible body odour. The one stop solution? Keep a deo handy. This will relieve not just your nose, but also those of your fellow passengers in various means of public transport.

3. Sunscreen is your best friend


This is something you shouldn’t even think of skipping, even in your oiliest skin days or days where you’re running late. That’s because you shouldn’t regret having any weird tan lines at the end of this season. Tanning not only causes pigmentation, but is harmful for the skin in more ways than one. What’s more, it’s difficult to remove tans except maybe by laser methods. Even cornflour with curd may do the trick!

4. Of derma-care


As described in the previous point, your skin needs extra care during these hot summer days. Keeping it sweat free is one task, the next is keeping it super-clean and free from dust and bacteria. Washing your face twice a day is an absolute must! Some people even like bathing twice or thrice a day, to keep the bad germs at bay. Dettol or Lifebuoy, choice is yours. This is obviously subject to water availability, and the temperature too! Ice bucket challenges are very much in these days, too.

5. Keep dry and stay in shade


Always, always, always keep handy any sort of drying device, e.g a hand towel, wet wipes, tissue paper, anything that suits you. Also try to avoid the sunny side up, literally. Walk on the shaded side of the road. This will not only keep you away from that constant sunshine battering down on your head, but also keep your cool and keep the sweat at bay. This is a must-do for those who sweat like pigs at any time of the day, from places that are not worth describing, giving out odours that are not worth mentioning. Such people are especially more prone to acne and skin infections.

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