Top 10 Bizarre Hairstyles

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6. The Einstein

Everybody knows what this genius used to look like. All you need to do is roll out of bed and walk out looking like that. Your hair will be standing up all over the place and will make you look sensationally awesome and up to the mark as far as bizarre hairstyles are concerned.

7. The Emo Look

This look is completely bizarre and makes the person look foolish. Girls who consider themselves to be Emo or Gothic tend to cut their bangs very close to their eyes. This makes them look like puppies and it makes one wonder how they walk around without bumping into things. The fact that this hairstyle is accessorized with a million hairclips and what not, only makes it worse.


8. The Cloud and Rain

This hairstyle will require you to puff up your hair massively at the top and leave a bit on each side straight and normal. The puffed up part will be the cloud and the straightened sections will be the rain. Don’t look too confused- it will never look good.


9. Shaved Head and Patterns

Many people shave off their heads but leave a few sections alone as they are. They then tell the hairdresser to cut it very close to their heads in a particular pattern. It looks ridiculous and like something is growing out of their skulls.


10. Flower and Stems

This look is similar to the results you will get after styling your hair into Liberty Spikes. The only difference is the points at the top will look like they have real flowers growing out of them which you will attach every morning!

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