10 Reasons why we Believe that Morning Walks are Important

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6. Bye, bye depression.

Stress is the root cause of depression. In today’s world, where competition is at its peak, individuals tend to crumble under its pressure. This leads to depression and individuals further resort to substance abuse or suicide. Morning walks help the individuals to cheer up as it improves the circulation of blood to the brain and allows the proper flow of endorphins. Thus, a walk for an hour or half helps individuals mentally and spiritually.

According to an article in ‘Scientific American’, walking for 200 minutes in a week helps individual feel more vibrant, peppy and optimist. 

5. Refreshes the brain and averts cognitive deterioration.

Walking not only helps you physically, but mentally too. It strengthens your memory and enhances your intellectual capabilities. When you walk, the oxygen and blood flow to the brain is increased, which improves attention as well as the functioning of the brain. So, walk your way to good grades! *wink,wink*

Cognitive deterioration occurs lesser in individuals who walk. They are less prone to cognitive disorders like Vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, walking daily has been proven to prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s and reduce the risk by 54%.

4. Reduces the risk Of Miscarriages.

Walking is a common yet exceptional activity for women who are expecting. It helps regulate the hormonal levels and prevent uterine contractions, triggered by hormonal changes that can lead to cases of abortion. It also shields the pregnant women against gestational diabetes, which is common among expectant mothers.

3. Hello glowing skin.

Any forms of exercises are beneficial for skin. However, walking being the easiest, helps in preventing wrinkles or fine lines and also prevents acne, pimples and skin problems. This is because walking helps improve circulation of blood, which keeps the skin healthy and radiant. Walking causes an individual to sweat, as a result all the toxins are thrown out of the skin. So say hello to flawless, glowy skin.

2. Makes your heart stronger and prevents strokes.

According to ‘The American Association’ a brisk walk can reduce the chances of heart diseases and strokes. People who suffer from heart diseases must take a walk for atleast 30 minutes to lower blood pressure and keeps heart healthy. Morning walks also lower the levels of triacyglycerol. Heart patients must avoid running or other vigorous exercises, thus walking is the best for them.

1. Boosts immunity and ameliorates overall well being.

Walking in mornings strengthens the immune system as it increases blood and oxygen supply to the body. This protects us from disease and other ailments. It also helps energizes our body, keep us active and gives us strength to go about the entire day. Walking helps freshen up and the movements help benefit every part of the body.

This list is sure to change your thoughts on being awake till late night and change your habits for good. We are hopeful that this list makes you breakup with your bed and patch up and catch up with your health. After all, health should always be your priority. So let’s not only be active on Whatsapp and Facebook, but also be physically active to build a better, stronger and healthier us.

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