Top 10 Global Brand Recognition Rankings

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Google,  Apple, and Nintendo are among this year’s top gainers in anual brand recognition ratings.


1.  Coca-Cola

Based in U.S. Flagging appetite for soda has cut demand for Coke, but the beverage giant has a raft of new products in the pipeline that could reverse its recent slide.


2.  Microsoft

Based in U.S. Threats from Google and Apple haven’t yet offset the power of its Windows and Office monopolies.


3.  IBM

Based in U.S. Having off-loaded its low-profit PC business to Lenovo, IBM is marketing on the strategic level to corporate leaders.


4.  GE

Based in U.S. The brand Edison built has extended its reach from ovens to credit cards, and the “Ecomagination” push is making GE look like a protector of the planet.


5.  Intel

Based in U.S. Profits and market share weren’t the only things slammed by rival AMD. Intel’s brand value tumbled 9%, as it loss business from high-profile customers.


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