Top 10 Global Brand Recognition Rankings

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6.  Nokia

Based in Finland Fashionable designs and low-cost models for the developing world enabled the mobile phone maker to regain ground against competitors.


7.  Toyota

Based in Japan Toyota is closing in on GM to become the world’s biggest automaker. A slated 10% increase in U.S. sales this year will help even more.


8.  Disney

Based in U.S. New CEO Robert Iger expanded the brand by buying animation hit-maker Pixar and beefing up digital distribution of TV shows through the Internet and iPods.


9.  McDonald’s

Based in U.S. A new healthy-living marketing campaign—and the premium-priced sandwiches and salads that came with it—have led to a fourth year of sales gains.


10.  Mercedes-Benz

Based in Germany The new S-Class sedan and M-Class SUV are helping repair a tarnished quality reputation. High costs, low demand and weak margins will take longer to fix. AMG division justifies its premium price, performance and quality.

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