Top 10 Countries – The best travel destinations

Have a look at the all time best travel destination countries. Those places have managed repeatedly pull visitors year after year, regardless of economic issues. The list of countries was based on the number of tourists registered entering those countries over the last 5 years.


1. France

France averages 76 million visitors a year. The nation of France has repeatedly topped the list of the most visited European countries. From the rural wine making area of Tuscany to the hedonistic life found on the southern coast, France offers the visitor luxury and charm in a single package. France averages 76 million visitors a year.


2. Spain

Spain averages 55.6 million visitors a year. A firm favorite with families seeking an inexpensive beach holiday, Spain remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In recent years much has been done to clean up the reputation that many of the southern coastal regions gained during the package holiday era of the 1980s. Spain averages 55.6 million visitors a year.


3. United States

United States averages 49.4 million visitors a year. Truly no other country in the world can offer such a varied experience for the visitor. The southern states supply some of the best known attractions such as Disney Land while the midwest offers unparalleled natural beauty; the modern metropolitan centers of the north such as New York offer the visitor an urban adventure. United States averages 49.4 million visitors a year.


4. China

China averages 46.8 million visitors a year. For holiday makers interested in culture and history, China makes for an enthralling destination. With its brash and boisterous cities and its obvious commitment to its heritage, China supplies a fascinating holiday.


5. Italy

Italy averages 36.5 million visitors a year. Rich cultures and outstanding natural beauty makes Italy a favorite with many tourists. Classic cities such as Venice and Rome typify the uniqueness of a visit to Italy. The southern coast and islands offer exceptional beach holidays.


6. United Kingdom

United Kingdom averages  30 million visitors a year. Arguably sporting some of the most stunning natural countryside in the world, the UK offers a chance for the visitor to enjoy not only modern urban life in cities such as London and Manchester, but to taste the English summer in areas such as Kent, Devon and the Lake District.


7. Mexico

Mexico averages 21.9 million visitors a year. Much beloved by American tourists, Mexico offers that little taste of the exotic just a short step across the border from the USA. Spicy cuisine, lively nightlife and friendly locals make Mexico a favorite getaway destination for many US residents.


8. Germany

Germany averages 21.5 million visitors a year. Unlike most of the destinations mentioned above, Germany is not a traditional summer vacation destination. Instead, Germany makes for an intriguing mix of natural countryside and cities with individual character such as Berlin and Munich.


9. Canada

Canada averages 20.3 million visitors a year. While the southern USA enjoys the Mexican border to supply it with a local holiday destination, the Northern part of the USA exploits its proximity to the Canadian border. A fantastic country for those who enjoy winter sports and the great outdoors.


10. Austria

Austria averages 20 million visitors a year.A destination which presents a refined face to the visitor, from its architecture to its art galleries, Austria is a leading cultural center. Famed for its love of the arts, including ballet, opera and theater, many leading European centers of art can be found in Austria.

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