Top 10 Discoveries in Modern Science

stem-cellHere are the top 10 discoveries in modern science that made a great impact on the present as well as the future.

  1. Breakthrough in Stem Cell Production – Two renowned scientist, Kyoto University’s Shinya Yamanaka and University of Wisconsin molecular biologist James Thomson has paved the way of a possible work around from the thorny issue of embryonic destruction in stem-cell production by establishing a template for skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells.
  2. Human Genome Mapping – J. Craig Venter successfully mapped his own genome or the DNA in both chromosome sets that he got from his parents.  The significance of his scientific genius is the creation of the framework by which we can trace and pinpoint anything and everything about our body.  This refers to traits, innate characteristics and diseases that we can trace back from the specific set of chromosomes.
  3. Discovery of the Brightest Supernova – Astronomers from University of Texas and University of California successfully recorded the death of a star or supernova.
  4. Discovery of Hundreds of New Species – Scientist announced the discovery of about 700 previously unreported species found off the Antarctica along the Weddell Sea.
  5. Human Heart Valve Creation – The team of Dr. Magdi Yacoub of the Imperial College in London successfully grew bone marrow cells and turned them into a fully functional human heart valve.
  6. Discovery of Hot Jupiters – British astronomers confirmed the existence of three new planets outside of the Solar System.  The discovery is a result of an ongoing exploratory project known as WASP.
  7. Discovery of a Big Bird-Dinosaur – Chinese scientist recently announced the successful discovery of the skeleton of a dinosaur with bird-like features that lived about seventy million years ago.
  8. Migration of Man Out of Africa – A recent study of an international group of scientist reported that the discovery of a skull in South Africa confirmed the migration of modern man out of South Africa sometime between 65,000 and 25000 year ago.
  9. World’s Oldest Living Organism – Bangor University researchers were able to discover what is widely believed as the oldest animal alive, a half-century old clam.
  10. Discovery of the Real-Life Kryptonite – Serbian geologist stumbled upon a powdery mineral that has the same composition as that of the fictional mineral kryptonite.

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