Top 10 Affiliate Networks of all Time

There are hundreds of different affiliate networks out there. Here are the top ten affiliate networks that are considered the best, largest and the most reliable among all other affiliate networks.

  1. LinkShare – The affiliate network has an extensive and excellent network with good performance and reporting record. It has a very large pool of advertisers and products and gives commission monthly.
  2. ClickBank – This is also a professional network with excellent stats and reporting. Payment of commissions is made every two weeks. It mainly specializes on e-products and offers much higher commission than any other affiliate networks. It handles over 10,000 products at any given time.
  3. Commission Junction – It is one the earliest affiliate networks operated by ValueClick. It is popular for its excellent tracking and monthly payments. It also has good stats making it one of the more popular picks among affiliate networks. This affiliate network can give as high as 50% in commissions.
  4. Affiliate Window – It is the affiliate network that is based in the UK and handles quite a number of branded products of known companies. It offers good commissions and has excellent reporting and stats.
  5. Amazon – It is one of the most popular affiliate networks that carry a lot of products of known companies. On top these, it also offers movies and books. The advantage of this affiliate network is that it is easy to create links and provides excellent and reliable stats.
  6. Shareasale –   This affiliate network operates on a user-friendly system. It has about 1700 merchants and pays commissions monthly.
  7. Google – Its affiliate merchants program runs under Adsense. There are just a few products but one gets the benefit of receiving reliable and professional service of which Google is renowned for.
  8. LinkConector – It is one of the highly recommended affiliate networks with excellent reporting. One could try out one of its innovative technologies such as Direct Linking.
  9. – It is a professional affiliate network that is known for good reporting and commissions. It offers high payouts and makes payments on a weekly basis.
  10. OneNetworkDirect – It is the affiliate network of Digital River, It specializes in digital and software niches. It has good payout scheme and has excellent reporting and stats.

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