Top 10 Most Expensive HandBags

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Let us have a look at the top 10 most expensive and extravagant handbags that are the craze of women worldwide. This list is based on published retail price and does not include handbags with valuable  diamonds,  jewelery or stones.


1. Fendi B.Bag, $27700


Its design is the revival of the structured handbag. This white crocodile design is expected to be the bestseller of Fendi since the Baguette.


2. Hermés Birkin, $20000 plus


This Hermés bags are named after the famous fashion icon and British actress of the 60s, Jane Birkin are on special orders.


3. Yves Saint Laurent Muse, $18990


The preferred bag of known personalities like Jessica Simpson and Kate Moss. Its unique design provides ample space yet retains the refined character of Yves Saint Laurent bags.


4. Prada Frame Bag, $15090


This luxury crocodile bag follows a distinct structured design made its debut in Milan in 2006. Its more popular colors include the tan color which is known as Krusca.


5. Zac Posen Alexia, $15000


As in all of Posen bags, this creation are an acknowledgment of the 70s and is great proof of elegance and sophistication of Zac Posen Bags are known for.


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