Top 10 Most Expensive HandBags

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6. Ralph Lauren Ricky, $14000


This is the latest addition to the luxury lines of Ralph Lauren and is named in honor to his wife. This crocodile bag comes in silver and orange versions.


7. Chloe Paddington, $12880


This latest addition to the famous Chloe Paddington bags retains the trademark metal accouterments and golden padlock closure in its design.


8. Gucci Boston, $11990 plus


This crocodile bag features bamboo details and adorned with rings and gold elements. It is available in crocodile leather, guccissima and patent leather.


9. Bottega Veneta Bambina, $7800


In contrast to Chanel and Louis Vuitton, this luxury bags are known for its dominant logo and distinct shape. It is exclusively sold in Bottega Bambina retail outfits.


10. Devi Kroell Crystal Disco Ball, $4,900


This is a stark departure from the usual slouchy character of previous bags of Devi Kroell. It has blended an sharp element of glamour by harnessing black crystals in its design.


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