Top Ten Assault Rifles in the World

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  1. Matthew

    #1 Ak-47
    #2 M14
    #3 FN Fal
    #4 HK 416
    #5 Massada (ACR)
    #6 G36E
    #7 FAMAS
    #8 FN2000
    #9 L86
    #10 SCAR-H

  2. Optimized

    5.FN FAL

  3. AfroSamurai

    Top 10 Assault Rifles Hands Down…

    1. IWI TAR-21 (Israel)
    2. Vektor CR-21 (South Africa)
    3. FN SCAR (Belgium/USA)
    4. Magpul Masada (USA)
    5. Truvelo Raptor 5.56 (South Africa)
    6. HK 416 (Germany/USA)
    7. IMI Galil 5.56 ARM (Israel)
    8. Colt M16A2 (USA)
    9. MP-44 Sturmgewehr (Nazi Germany)
    10. AK-74 (Soviet Union)

  4. sgt. bad ass

    all you people that think the AK47 is number one. the weapon has no accuracy when you shoot it the gun goes up it doesnt stay in a straight line like the M16a4. that gun is number 1 and will always be number 1 because it is an american made gun. and all those people that think that the ak47 is better then you need to do some reasurch. so what i am getting at is if its not american make its a worthless piece of sh*t.

  5. Borat Jewhunter

    The scar-l is clearly a better rifle. The reason why is simply because it’s american and not Russian prehistoric sh*t. It fires a more versatile and easier to handle round as I would know as I have hunted neighbours cats with both.

  6. Atilla

    5.FN FAL
    6.Steyr AugA2

  7. MarkusVInt

    1. HK418
    2. SCAR-H
    3. M4A1
    4. Steyr AUG
    5. M16A4
    6. FN FAL
    7. FAMAS
    8. TAVOR AR-21
    9. AK-47


    first of all number 1 assault rifle is not the ak47 or the m16a4 it’s the an94 a russian made assault rifle that fire 5.45x39m rounds with fire rate of 600 rounds per minute in full-auto mode still more accurate than a m16a4 and other rifles and a 1800 rounds per minute in 2 burst still more accurate than most assault rifles note: i am useing opera 5.1 on my phone i mey have miss typed and for all those guys dont like russian assault rifles you are all f*gs

  9. Lorran

    2-Imbel IA2
    4-FN FAL
    9-Imbel MD97


    aks arent good they are being replaced by an94 abakan which is better in all ways though using a smaller 5.45x39m round than aks it fires with more force powerful enough to pierce modern body armor over long ranges with great accuracy with 2 fire modes: full auto firing 600 rounds a minute and a 2 round burst mode firing 1800 rounds a minute still more accurate than m16a4 and more reliable and easy to handle and in 20000 rounds fired only one jam and that’s a lot of rounds it has a unique firing mechanism that allows it to fire faster more accurate than other assault rifles take that m16a4 . Oh i am russian not good at english

  11. Xplosive

    I still think the SCAR-L -H are one of the best assault rifles and even better than tha AK versions. The SCAR rifles have a much better accuracy and a better fire mechanism. The AK’s only have a powerful penetration (and it is made in tghe US…) That’s what made it so popular.

  12. Simeon

    Everyone will say that their gun is better and everyone has lot of experience in using of them . . . IN VIDEO GAMES !!!
    For me , without including German weapons , choice would be AK-74M , Zastava M21 or AK-103 .

  13. Salah

    4/Steyr AUG
    9/Fn Fal


    get real guys ak47 has good penetration but has accuracy that sucks m4 is unreliable so much jams scar-h is good but a bit of slow and 20 round mag and mp44 is an antique hk417 more reliable its a great gun m16a4 is good gun but little unrealiable massada acr great gun and bren is a antique lmg not a assault rifle an94 great gun ak74 is a like a smaller version of a ak47 . Its hard to tell don’t judge a gun by playing cod mw2 or cs or any other first person games just use the gun first then judge a gun

  15. X

    I’ve served as a Aussie digger (Australian forces) and having fired numerous weapons ‘accuracy’,’damage’ or ‘R.O.F’ are not valid arguments. Accuracy? What accuracy.. Today’s conflicts in my experience are within 20-300 meters, even less in Close Battle .. And going on that.. An AK has a straight barrel, a .223/.308 are both exceptional, an AR/M4 platform has a straight barrel which means that round is going where you want it with any firearm more-or-less … My point? Kiddies, stop playing MW2, go outside, get a tan and shut the f**k up.

  16. sean

    o my god u people think just because u play call of duty u know the greatest guns of all time but u guys dont know anything


    Hello americans it’s an honor i just visited america and have been given a great honor of testing a new gun that might replace m4 and m16a4 well im real sore for testing this gun because running around crazy from one area to another it’s m4a2 and m16a5 yes i have tested this gun i cant give an accurate rate but it’s more accurate and more reliable its in the top 10 list and i have been taking english lessons oh and i forgot heres a picture ( ) and one thing your contry is so strange


    kids if you are out there DONOT MW2 YOU DIE IN A FIREFIGHT if you go to iraq dont play mw2 you have been warned its not a secret that kids play mw2 and act like they know about guns just visit a local gun shop and a gun and hit a shooting range or go hunting For the First 10 PEOPLE WE WILL GIVE OUT AN DELUXE VIP FALLING BITCH AND BREAKING A LEG RINGTONE FOR YOUR MOBILE PHONE AND WE HAVE LIVE PEOPLE AS TARGETS ( JUST KIDING BUT SERIOUS ABOUT MW2 KIDS PLEASE STOP BEFORE DIE )


    people who take mw2 serious have been killing people and saying they just wanted to know what it feels like if you want to know what it feels like join the army im a member of the Russian special purpose
    regiment or Spetsnaz in other word its like black-ops force but niet its a speacial force much like the american NAVY SEALS or british Special.air.service and the TASKFORCE units

  20. Just_a_Man

    1.AN 94 Abakan ( 1800 rpm and 2 shots in same place…only inperfections are, hard 2 use and expensive, but still far superior 2 any other)

    2.ACR Massada ( the real deal )

    3.AK 200 ( features the same as any high tech Nato rifle and will be next russian standart rifle)

    4. MK 17 Scar-H ( 7.62 Nato, not confuse with 5.56 Scar-L)

    5. QBZ 95 ( chinese 5.8, they claim its superior to the 5.56 and the 5.45 )

    6. AEK 97 ( 1 2 n 3 models ) its the AK 74M but much lighter, wich helps in accuracy aswell

    7.HK 416/7 cooler ( temperature lol ) version and has some extra features over the M4’s

    8. Tavor 21, (only have good references, but its kinda only 4 isrealy use and has some stuff dat maybe kinda complicated 2 master)

    9. L98A1, ( modern version of the L85A2, wich they claim 2 be the most accurate assault rifle in the world )

    10.AK74M and M4A1 ( they stand the diference between Russian and American rifle standarts )

  21. kadet

    Ak-47 is the best. I’ll give only one fact, the tank passed acros rifle,soldier shaked dirt from it and continiued shooting. And it’s accured, it’s infantry
    weppon everything you need is acuracy at 400 mettres.

  22. David P.Curcione

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