Top 10 Centenarians

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6. Irving Berlin, 101 years old:

He is one of the foremost figures of the music entertainment industry and is highly regarded as a prolific and successful musician and lyricist in history.


7. Bob Hope, 100 years old:

Bob Hope is the ultimate icon of American entertainment industry. He has made his mark in vaudeville, Broadway, TV, radio and the movies.


8. Gloria Stuart, 100 years old:

At 87, Stuart made an astounding and critically acclaimed appearance in the film Titanic. She played the role of Rose who came back to the scene of the Titanic to help retrieve jewelry-explorers were looking for. All in all, Stuart left a legacy many shall remember. Her films spanned a total of 72 years with a major break for 29 years. If it were not for lung cancer, Stuart would have lived a long and healthy life. She conducted interviews until she was 99 years old. Furthermore, she is the oldest person yet to be nominated for an oscar.


9. Miep Gies (100 years old):

Gies worked at Opetka as a secretary to Otto Frank. During most of WWII, she helped hide the Franks, vanPels and Fritz Pfeiffer from the Nazis. She risked the life of her and her husband to save innocent people who were persecuted because of their faith. Ever since the war ended, Gies worked with Otto Frank to keep Anne Frank’s memory alive. For her bravery and humanitarian work, Gies was awarded the Order of Merit by The Federal Republic of Germany and Yad Vashem’s medal of honor. Not many humanitarians did what Gies did with no compensation.


10. George Burns, 100 years old:

George Burns joins the league of great thespians like Bob Hope who had left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. He remained as dominant as ever extending to the last decades of his life.

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