Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings

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Find out the art marvels that are in the shortlist of top 10 most expensive paintings ever sold in an auction.


1. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt, $135,000,000


The record breaking sale has happened in 2006 and was made by cosmetic’s icon Ronald S. Lauder.


2. Garcon a la Pipe by Pablo Picasso, $104,000,000

This famous painting was done during the renowned Rose Period. This record setting auction happened at Sotheby’s New York in 2004.


3. Dora Maar with Cat by Pablo Picasso, $95,200,000

This is one big surprise that happened in art auction circuit in 2006. It almost doubled the pre-auction price estimate.


4. Portrait of Dr. Gachet by Van Gogh, $82,000,000

This painting by this eminent impressionist guru became famous worldwide when it was bought by Japanese business tycoon Ryoie Saito for a hefty sum of $82.5 million during a Christie’s auction.


5. Le Bassin Aux Nympheas by Monet, $80,451,178


Painted by Claude Monet in 1919, it was sold during an auction conducted at Christie’s London in June of 2008. It is the highest auction of a work of art for Christie’s London.


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