Top 10 Inventions

inventionLet us have a look at the top 10 inventions that had significant impact on how humans lived.

1.    Language – This is the greatest human innovation that would have probably distinguished us as a distinct species. It may as well be the defining moment of human history. The other innovations wouldn’t have been developed had it not for the advancement in communication.

2.    Cooking – When mankind started to cook food, it ushered an era where safe eating also began. Fire was not included in the list as it is considered as something naturally occurring. The defining event was the use of fire in cooking of the food that we eat. This led to eating of food safely by killing parasites and other harmful microorganism.

3.    Tools – This is an early human innovation that was developed out of the human need to destroy, change, repair or build something in order to survive.

4.    Plumbing – It is widely known that the Romans were the first civilization that introduced the use of plumbing and the toilet for domestic convenience and sanitation.

5.    Printing Press – Looking at how mankind had documented important knowledge and information before Gutenberg built and successfully used his innovative contraption, we will surely be impressed at the important and significant role this invention had in the advancement of human civilization.

6.    Anesthetics – Combined with antibiotics, this medical advancement may as well be credited with millions of lives saved and allowed modern medicine to flourish at its present pace.

7.    Antibiotics – Before its discovery in the 1870s, mankind are practically helpless against the threat of infection caused by harmful microorganism. The discovery of antibiotics ushered the defining moment where mankind was able to fight back disease-causing microorganisms and infections.

8.    Birth Control – This invention has helped the women take more control of their lives and assume more significant roles in the society.

9.    Internet – This is one innovation that has not realized even half of its potential. We are now seeing the convergence of all information-based utilities of mankind into a common platform anchored on the Net. We can hardly wait to see what the immediate future holds for us with the fast-paced events we are witnessing in the Internet.

10.    Alcohol – The history of mankind is littered with major events where alcohol is a major factor. In fact, this wonder spirit has had its fair share in the shaping of human civilization. As the husbands may have all the reasons why they got caught up in the bar, we also have all the reasons for including alcohol in our top 10 list of major inventions.

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