Top 10 Sexiest Political Figures of Modern Times

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Our list of Top 10 sexiest political personalities includes both the living and the departed whose memory is seen in the living state.


1. Barack Obama

New US President  is easily the obvious favorite of many as the sexiest politician with the hope and excitement that he brings to the position as the World’s most powerful man.


2. John F. Kennedy

The 35th US President remains as one of the most dominant figure and our fascination to his persona remains as strong as ever.


3. Yulia Tymoshenko

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, she is the modern day Joan of Arc. Her strong, vivacious and beautiful personality makes her one of the most powerful and recognizable political figure of present times.


4. Clint Eastwood


This former mayor of Mt. Carmel California will always be lovingly remembered by the good, the bad and the ugly persona that we have of him.


5. Prince Henry of Wales

The fairy tale story and the tragedy that surrounded the Royal Family adds to our fascination of this very exciting political personality whom we have witnessed mature as a very fascinating and dominant character.


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