Top 10 Most Popular Careers

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6.    Physical Therapy Assistants – The need of medical intervention for individuals with physical disabilities and dysfunctions is now being recognized and the demand for the relevant medical service is continuously increasing. The demand for the support services of competent aides for physical therapist in now at its highest level.

7.    Health and Fitness Trainer – More and more people and spending time and money to address personal physical fitness issues. There is a sustained demand for the services of fitness trainers and professionals.

8.    Database Administrators – The demand for data and information is already a permanent issue in aspects of our lives. There will be a growing and sustained need for the competency and skills of database professional who can manage an ever growing volume of data and information.

9.    Veterinary Assistants – As we are witnessing the introduction of cutting edge technology in veterinary medicine, there is also the growing need for professionals who can perform supportive roles in various medical procedures.

10.    Dental Hygienist – This emerging dental health specialty is expected to require more technically trained dental practitioners as dental hygiene procedures become more in demand.

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