Top 10 Smartest Dogs

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Let us have a look at the top 10 most intelligent dogs making them the man best friend of all time.


1. Border Collie


The Border Collie is the workaholic of the dog world. It is the world’s premier sheep herder and is often valued and esteemed for its intelligence, amazing instincts and great working ability. If you are up for a dog that is energetic and requires exercise beyond a simple walk, this dog is for you. Shepherds have been using it for centuries to maintain large flocks of sheep.

2. Poodle


A lot of us may be surprised by the inclusion of the poodle and at the top spot at that. Your minds are playing tricks on you. The Poodle has to be your best choice of smart dog breed next to Border Collie.

Often equated for its beauty and not its brain, It is actually used as rescue and hunting dog. It excels in obedience training and is exceptionally smart and active.

One who buys this dog does not limit him/herself to size and colour. The poodle comes in the form of 3 sizes (standard, miniature and water retriever) and in a variety of colours. The options are infinite and will definitely have you entertained.


3. German Shepherd


German Shepherds are one of the most admired and shrewdest dog breeds in the United States. Not only are they tremendously intelligent, but they are exceptional work and family dogs as well. They are compliant enough to be shielding and extremely loyal. A working GSD will come home to play with children in their family and impulsively sense when and how to proceed in each situation.

The history of the breed goes back to 1889 at a dog show in Germany. The dogs exhibited the grace, power, and patience and strength that are essential.

They see the families as part of their pack; because of this they have a strong caring instinct. This leads them to be doubtful of strangers. Compliance training is still vital to conform your dog to controlled behaviour when essential.


4. Golden Retriever


Don’t confuse this breed of dog with Labrador Retrievers. The Golden Retrievers are very popular as companion dogs.  Mainly used for hunting, this dog perfectly fits the description of sniff dogs, guide dogs and even as rescue dog as well.

The dog was brought to the public through movies and television. They have been continuously illustrated as adorable puppies with a gentleness and intelligent curiosity.

You may have noticed this dog before. The dog acts as a guide dog for the blind. Moreover they are good as police dogs that sniff for narcotics and other suspicious elements in airports. If you see a blind person walking with a white dog like this, it is a golden retriever.


5. Doberman Pinscher


This dog breed takes on the 5th spot. It is another German breed that has made to the top 10 list. It is the perfect breed of a dog which is both fierce and loyal. The modern Dobermann Pinscher is an energetic and lively breed suitable for companionship and family life.


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