Top 10 Worst Dictators

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Let us have a look at the top 10 dictators who still maintain autocratic rule and power dominated by abuse and terror.


1. Omar al-Bashir, Sudan


Is in power since 1989 – His monumental abuses has led to mankind’s worst humanitarian catastrophe. Omar al-Bashir has launched colossal ethnic and religious cleansing that has uprooted over 2 million civilians and led to the death of more than 70,000.


2. Bashir al-Assad, Syria

This was a leader who never expected to be a head of state. He was the second oldest son of President Hafez al-Assad. It was only when his older brother and the heir to the head of state was killed in car crash that Assad was considered for the position. Since gaining power in 2000, Assad has lead a repressive regime which disregards human rights and economic lapses. Unopposed in 2 elections, he has resorted to force to squash opposition.


3. Than Shwe, Burma


Is in power since 1992 – For his dogged resistance to international pressure and continued detention of Aung San Suu Kyi, Than Shwe remains one of top pariah in the international community. The documented abuses of the military government included murder, rape and torture.


4. Hu Jintao, China


Is in power since 2002 – Amidst the economic liberalization and progress of the nation, the government of Hu Jintao remains as one of the most repressive. Thousands of Chinese still remain in labor camps serving sentences for a variety of political offenses.


5. Crown Prince Abdullah, Saudi Arabia


Is in power since 1995 – Facing international pressure, Crown Prince Abdullah has relented and announced the holding of the first elections in Saudi Arabia after 40 years. Saudi Arabia, under the leader of the Crown Prince, enforces the extreme form of Islam known as Wahhabism.


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