Top 10 Most Expensive Home Gadgets

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive home gadgets created by modern technology.


1. YALOS Diamond LCD by Keymat, $190000


This has got to be the ultimate symbol of domestic opulence. It is adorned with 160 diamonds accentuated with a gold trim.


2. Cabasse Speakers La Sphere, $150000


This is a technology advanced speaker system manufactured by French company Cabbase. Its acoustic is based on the patented design known as the eye.


3. Hydro Physio Lifestyle, $70000


This is the health and fitness contraption of the future and has been the acknowledged standard for water-based body fitness and exercise regimen.


4. From Bed With Love by Nicolas Mélan, $50000


It is regarded as the James Bond’s bed. This technological marvel features a unique lunimotherapic light installed in the bed head. It comes with a plasma screen, a DVD and a surround-THX system.


5. Red Diamond Bathtub, $47200


It is the most expensive bathtub ever made, and has pretty interesting elements. Its features include two waterproof HDTVs, GSM remote control, console with massive gold frame 42 g; 18 k and Swarowski crystals.


6. The Crystal Ergoripado Vacuum Cleaner, $29000


A Swarovski encrusted vacuum cleaner is the most expensive vacuum cleaner. It was unveiled in a fashion show which attracted a crowd of influential critics.


7. Sooloos Sound System, $12000


It consists of a range of storage, audio and control products. To store songs imported into Sooloos from your CDs or PC, you’ll have to purchase the “Twinstore”, a liquid cooled and ultra quiet 1 Terabyte mirrored RAID storage system.


8. Diamond Plated Foosball Table, $9500


This high-end technological luxury is on limited edition and is presently not in production. This unique designer marvel has a wall and playing surface that is made out of P-95 Polycarbonate providing topnotch control and visibility.


9. System-4 Indoor Golf Simulator, $9000


This domestic technological contraption is your ultimate golf simulator setup in your home. It has the flexibility and the futuristic capabilities designed to perfect your swing and work on your game even if it is snowing outside.


10. Radio and MP3-player-in-one gadget, $4200


This technological marvel is manufactured by Tivoli Audio. It is the creation of Per Sundberg, a famous Swedish glass artist.


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