Top 10 Most Common Facts Debunked as Myths

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6. One year of a dog’s life is equivalent to seven years of human’s


Not true. This is again pure hogwash. The numbers don’t add up. The average life expectancy of humans us 78 while the life expectancy of dogs ranges between 6 to 13 years.


7. Elephants are the mammals that don’t have the capability to jump


Not true. We define jumping as the state of position where all four feet are off the ground after being propelled from a stationary position. There are actually other mammals that join the elephant under this category. These include the sloth, rhino and the hippopotamus.


8. Folding a paper in half for more than seven times is physically impossible


Not true. Actually, we might easily accept this as fact as we actually verify this by trying it ourselves. However, Britney Gallivan proved this to be a wrong premise as she successfully broke the seven mark barrier with the use of tweezers.


9. A free fall on an elevator can kill its occupants


Not true. One documented mishap is that of the airplane crash on the empire state building in 1945. The crash caused the elevator cable to snap that led to the free fall of one of its elevator from the 75th floor. The occupant survived the ordeal mainly because of the sufficient air pressure underneath the car that softened the fall.


10. Traces of 100 unique urine specimens are found in peanuts


Not true. There are several scientific studies conducted to verify such claim. Results showed that there is no scientific basis for such fantastic claim.

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