Top 10 Popular Food Myths

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Let us have a look at the top 10 most common food myths which are surprisingly still being as gospel truths by many of us.


1. Fast Food is not good for your health


We have to put things in proper perspective. Everything in moderation and that include fast foods. A moderate amount of fast food is not worse than taking a grilled meat at home. The key to good eating habit is moderation and variety.


2. Too much salt lead to increased blood pressure


The misconception about salt was started in 1941 when a scientist utilized salt-reduction method to treat people suffering from high blood pressure.


3. Craving is the way your body is telling it needs something


Cravings are essentially based on emotions. We crave for specific types of food stuffs mainly because of past experiences and memories.


4. Decaffeinated coffee is 100% free of caffeine


In most cases, there are about 3% of caffeine that is retained in decaffeinated coffee. If you have allergy to coffee, you have to avoid taking all kinds of coffee including the decaf.


5. Celery is considered a negative calorie food


This is one of those urban legends that baffle most of us. If we study the figures closely we will learn that a stick of celery actually contains about 6 calories. If one can eat 30 sticks of celery in one hour,  you get around 180 calories. You are left with an excess of 150 calories in your body as you can burn only 30 calories in one hour.


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