Top 10 Most Influential People that Never Existed

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6.    Marlboro Man – There is no Marlboro man just as there is no Marlboro country. He is just the creation of a carefully thought out marketing campaign to introduce filtered cigarettes to image-conscious men.

7.    The Cowboys – The fictional cowboy hero is armed by shiny gun and is the champion of the high moral values of Western society. The cowboys are the epitome of defense for justice, manliness and the protection of children and women.

8.    Robin Hood – Make no mistake about it, Robin Hood is just the figment of our imagination and no matter how much we immortalize him, Robin Hood will remain as such, a fictional character.

9.    Barbie – Barbie has started as a simple and pretty girl and has now evolved into a character of very diverse personality.

10.    Santa Claus – We can’t miss Santa Claus in this list of most influential fictional characters and every kid is expected to go through a certain phase where he will discover the wrong notions that he may have had in his life.

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