Top 10 American Symbols that are Foreign

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Let us take a close look at the list top 10 American icons that are not American yet have become symbols closest to home.

1. Budweiser, Belgium


It is one of the most admired beer in the United States. It is generally classified as the American style of lager and is made from the perfect blend of rice and barley malt. It was recently bought the Belgian company giant InBev for $52 billion.


2. 7-Eleven, Japan


It a chain of convenience stores that is present in many countries around the globe and is bigger than McDonald’s exceeding the latter with 1,000 more stores combined. It is owned by the Japanese company Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.


3. Trader Joe’s, Germany


Trader Joe’s started in 1958 as a “pronto market.” The store chain is owned in trust by the family of German tycoon Theo Albrecht.


4. The Chrysler Building, United Arab Emirates


This eminent American symbol and the most recognizable structure of the New York skyline is actually owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council.


5. Holiday Inn, United Kingdom


The original hotel chain started in Memphis, Tennessee in 1952 by developer Kemmons Wilson. The present Holiday Inn hotel chain is owned by InterContinental Hotel Group PLC.


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