Top 10 Most Influential Metal Bands

Let us take a close look at the list top 10 most influential metal rock bands that have had significant influence in the metal music scene.


1. Black Sabbath


As soon as you make your search for the top 10 performing bands, the Black Sabbath is the natural pick for top spot. For one, Black Sabbath is the first metal band and most have started by them.


2. Judas Priest


This is another metal band straight from NWOBHM. Judas Priest was started by a pair of guitarist and is characterized by high pitch sounds. Judas Priest is easily one of the better bands from the metal music genre.


3. Iron Maiden

iron maiden

This band also belongs to NWOBHM class and has delivered the greatest impact in the evolution of the music genre. Iron Maiden leads them all when it comes to catchy songs and blaring sounds.


4. Motorhead


The Bomber, Overkill and the Ace of Spades are what come to mind when we talk of the Motorhead. Their metal sound is replete with wild play of base guitar and gritty vocals.




This band is one of the strong forces of black and death metal. Their music has the strong influence of Slayer and other bands of the same orientation.


6. Celtic Frost 

celtic frost

This band is characterized as a pure gothic metal band. They are considered as the more influential personalities in the metal music genre.


7. Manowar 


This band is a straight power metal. Their performances are generally considered fantasy laden and are strong in the warrior elements that they project in their image as a metal band.


8. Slayer 


This band belongs to the big four that started thrash metal which also includes Megadeth, Anthrax and Metallica.


9. Death


This band is one of the forerunners of death metal bands. Death has paved the way for the entry of later bands that include Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse.


10. Napalm Death 


This death metal band rounds up our circle of ten most influential metal bands. Napalm Death is responsible for the creation of grind core and is the strong influence behind most doom and death metal bands that started during their time.


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14 Responses

  1. Skully

    Metallica & or Slayer should be in the top 5. I don’t know why either one doesn’t make this list. They paved the way for many, many Thrash Metal bands.

  2. Nat

    The Pixies much?

    This was just popular bands not influential bands. I mean if Nirvanna are the 2nd best band ever then surely there main influence diserves a nod.

  3. Jeff Condie

    Someone finally gave Black Sabbath credit for what they did. Tony Iomni had to loosen the strings on his guitar after he accidently cut the tips off.It was just too painful to press them down especially next to a fret. That gave his ax that distinctive dark gloomy sound, combine that with his heavy,sludgy, awesome riffs, made them a band you loved or hated. Add Ozzies flat tuneles banshee wail and Bill Wards, less than cheerful lyrics and you have the recipe for one of the worst bands ever,Except they wrote some of metals all-time great songs,inspired riffs, a voice and guitar sound made for each other and you have the mother of all metal bands.You can hear Sabbath in all the grunge bands. Nirvana could not pull off War Pigs, nor could Metallica (or any of the others) cover Supernaut in their dreams. Thank you Sabbath for giving the world Heavy Metal.

  4. churchill

    Why Metallica is not AT LEAST in the number 2 spot the world will never know. Even Lemmy Kilmister would be stupored by this list, and he’s f’n Lemmy! I’m cool with Sabbath at number one, but honestly, there’s plenty of better bands than Venom and Napalm Death.

  5. Nathan

    Wow this is a very solid list. Maybe a couple of the bands aren’t so great, but indeed pretty original in their own right. Also, don’t talk shit on Manowar because they are the only band defending True Metal.

  6. Rohit

    I don’t know about other Metal bands but Iron Maiden should be in 1,Metallica 2, Black Sabbath 3 and so on …..

  7. Craven

    Sorry this List is a joke. Celtic Frost is nothing: Slayer belongs to the big four, but has nothing to do with trash metals creation.
    Their are some problems with the descriptions, too

  8. Carl

    Ok metallica on the lis i think not.they just rode all the success of the british movement and exploited it.they talk about this in cliff em all they saw it coming as they said before it hit the states.metallica sucks and cliff made that band if anything he should be on that list not metallica.your missing scorpions or twisted sister or possessed they were the pioneers of death metal not the band death they were before death so this info is incorrect and this guys needs to check his facts.

  9. Morgue301

    C’mon men…Metallica should be in number 5 or 6, right behind Maiden and Motorhead…You cant just leave them off for St. Anger alone…Think Master of Puppets, …and Justice for all, Ride the Lightning. I like your list but to exclude Metallica from anything like ‘Influential Metal bands’ lists is a crime. You know it but just couldn’t admit it because you hate Most of Metallica’s 90s albums and St. Anger. Please review your list. I mostly agree with 1,2,3,4,5 and 8, they make metal what it is.

    Just my humble opinion…

  10. Lightbringer666

    Manowar??wtf?who are these guys…Im not kidding!I’ve never heard of them…
    Where is Led Zeppelin?Anthrax?Metallica?Megadeth?


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