Top 10 Finalists of 2009 Eurovision in Moscow, Russia

Let us have a look at top 10 winning songs performed on one of the most popular annual competitions in the world, Eurovision 2009. Watch top 10 finalists performing in Moscow, Russia.


1. Alexander Rybak


A 23 year old singer, actor, violinists and composer. Rybak represented Norway under the draw number 20, where he performed the self written and composed song called “Fairytale”, receiving a new record breaking 387 points, making it the highest score in the history of the competition.


2. Yohanna


A 19 year old Icelandic singer,  represented Iceland under the draw number 7, qualified for the Eurovision final after winning first place in the first semi-final, performed “Is it true” received 218 points.


3. AySel


20 year old Azerbaijani R&B and pop singer and Arash, 32 year old Iranian-Swedish dancer, singer, entertainer and producer. Together they have represented Azerbaijan under the draw number 11, performed “Always “received 207 points.


4. Hadise


24 year old Belgian-Turkish R&B singer, songwriter. Born in Mol, Belgium she became the first singer not born in Turkey to represent the country at the contest. Hadise performed under the draw number 18, her song “Düm Tek Tek”, the sound generated by a drum, typically known as known as “Darbuka” in Turkey,   received 177 points.


5. Jade Ewan


21 year old British singer and actress, represented United Kingdom under the draw number 23, performed “It’s my time” received 173 points. By finishing 5th Jade became the highest place UK Eurovision Act since 2002.


6. Urban Symphony


Estonian music group, represented Estonia under the draw number 15.Two of the group members have already participated in Eurovision previously. Their song called “Rändajad”, or “Nomads” English translation and received 129 points.


7. Sakis Rouvas


37 year old Greek actor, television presenter, composer, former pole vaulter, pop, rock and dance-pop singer, represented Greece under the draw number 8, performed “This is our night”, and received 120 points.


8. Patricia Kaas


43 year old French singer and actress, represented France under the draw number 3, performed “Et s’il fallait le faire”, or “And if it had to be done” English translation and received 107 points.


9. Regina


A Rock band founded in 1990, represented Bosnia and Herzegovina under the draw number 12, performed “Bistra voda”, or “Clear water” English translation and received 106 points.


10. Inga and Anush


Collectively known as the Arshakyan Sisters, 27 and 28 year old respectively, Armenian folk song-writers and singers, represented Armenia under the draw number 9, performed “Jan Jan”, or “My Dear” English translation and received 92 points.

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