Top 10 Popular Medical Misconceptions

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Let us have a look at the top 10 most common medical myths and have the opportunity to debunk each of these 10 medical misconceptions.


1. Midnight snacks can make you fat


This is a pure urban legend. Food lovers have all the reason to rejoice. Time does not have any major impact on our weight gain; it is the amount of caloric intake and the total calories that we burn each day that will have the final effect on whether we gain extra poundage or not.


2. Losing weight is harder than to gain weight


Once you are able to yourself in the proper frame of mind; it is generally easier to lose than to gain weight.


3. You become sleepy after eating turkey because of trytophan


This is one of the most common myths in our list and most often times hit the top of our list during Thanksgiving. It is actually a heavy meal that slows down the flow of blood that makes us drowsy and sleepy.


4. Sufficient bed rest can relieve back pain


Unfortunately, we are preventing our recovery with bed rest. In most cases, those who choose to remain active recover a lot faster and have lesser problem with recurring pain.


5. Treating Cancer is Painful and Pointless


This may be true in years past, however, advances in the field of medicine have led to the development of modern modalities in managing and treating cancer. In the past, 90% of children suffering from leukemia do not survive. Today, 80% of those with Leukemia do.


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