Top 10 Popular Medical Misconceptions

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6. Teething will lead to fever and diarrhea


There is no established relationship, whatsoever, between teething and the possibility of having a fever. The same is the case with diarrhea. If you observe these symptoms when your baby is teething, it is advisable to check for the real causes.


7. Cracking of Knuckles will lead to arthritis


The sound produced by cracking the knuckles happens when the bones are moved apart and where a gas bubble is formed. This will not cause arthritis. The worst that can happen is that the joints will weaken as a result of repeated cracking of the knuckle.


8. Chewing gum gets stuck in our system for seven years if swallowed


This because to the same league of silly declaration that fruit seed will grow inside our stomach. This is just one of those myths that you will surely outgrow.


9. We have to drink eight glassful of water every day


Surprised? This is one myth that could have probably not a few eyebrows. This belief about 8 glasses of water started with the 1945 government edict declaring that the human body need 8 glasses of fluid a day. Somehow the word “fluid” changed to “water” over time.


10. Most of the body heat is lost through the head


When studies are done to verify this claim, about 10% of the body heat is lost through the head and the 90% through other parts of the body.

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