Top 10 Odd Uses of Beer

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Before you think of enjoying a drink of beer, take a quick rundown of list of top 10 interesting uses of beer. You will be surprised at the many and unimaginable uses of beer.


1. Use in your Chicken BBQ

This has got to be the easiest way of having chicken BBQ. The beer and adds a distinct flavor while you are cooking your chicken. You will surely end up with a tasty chicken BBQ.


2. Create a Batter

You can substitute baking powder with beer as your raising agent when you are making a batter. The yeast and the bubble of beer will provide the raising in your batter.


3. Lather your Hair

You can “shampoo” your hair with beer to add body and luster. In fact, if you are into the natural maintenance of your hair, then beer shampoo should be high on your list.


4. Use as Bee Deterrent

You can use spent beer cans to deter the bees and wasps in your yard while you are having your picnic. Wasps and bees are naturally attracted to beer. However, place the cans away from the places where you are going to stay.


5. Use as fertilizer in your garden

Beer is good for garden plants. If you end up with a lot of left-over then it is best for you to use it to fertilize your garden.


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