Top 10 Odd Uses of Beer

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6. Use as marinade

Beer can be used to marinate meat and it is perfect for all types of meat. If you want to be a bit adventurous, you can even mix it with other flavors like jam or marmalade.


7. Use to remove slugs

You can naturally control and remove slugs by having a saucer of beer placed in your garden. The slug gets attracted with the beer and they literally get drunk and eventually die from drowning.


8. Use as furniture polisher

You can maintain the luster of your furniture by wiping it with beer. You simply poor a stale beer on your polishing cloth and wipe your furniture with it. Finish the cleaning procedure by buffing the furniture dry.


9. Relieve stomach ache

If you are being bothered by an upset stomach, sipping beer might be the best remedy to relieve of your stomach ache.


10. Use as Skin Conditioner

If you want to try an alternative way of maintaining the tone of your skin, all you have to do is pouring a can of dark beer and soak your body with the solution.


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