Top 10 Most Successful Books of All Time

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6. American Spelling Book


Author- Noah Webster; 100 million copies sold

This bestseller is an American classic and is the most popular tool of many Americans in honing up their spelling skills. Most Americans give their two thumbs up to this classic bestseller.


7. The Hobbit

Author-J.R.R. Tolken; 100 million copies sold

This work of fantasy fiction was a predecessor to the Lord of the Rings written by the same author. It was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and won the award from the New York Times Tribune.


8. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Author-C.S. Lewis-85 million copies sold

It was ranked by Times as one of 100 Best English Language Novels from 1923 to 2005. The book was published in 47 languages and surrounds the story of a family torn by war in London (WWII).


9. World Almanac


Author- unknown; 80 million copies sold

This book has become one of regular fixture of book collection of the typical American family and is a ready reference for a quick look at important facts and figures of countries around the globe.


10. The Davinci Code

Author: Dan Brown; 80 million (2009)

This book was eventually adapted into a movie starring Tom Hanks. It really put conspiracy theories to the test on Davinci and the meaning of his paintings. You’ll never look at each painting with the same eye and the same look after reading this book. It has been translated into 44 languages.


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