Top 10 Cyclist of all Time

Let us take a close look at the list Top 10 bicycle racers who have gained recognition for their performance in the three major road races in cycling.


1. Eddy Merckx


He is acknowledged as the best bicycle road racer of all time. He has won the top plum for both the Tour de France and Giro D’Italia for 5 times each and once in the 1973 staging of Vuelta a España.


2. Bernard Hinault


He is recognized as one of five cycle road racers who have won in all three major road races and he is the only one among all these top racers who have won in all these three road races more than once.


3. Jacques Anquetil


He has practically made his mark as being the first rider to have won the Tour de France in five stagings and he is also the first road racer to have completed a swept of all 3 major road races.


4. Séan Kelly


He is reputed to be the most successful rider of the 80’s and is the all time top Classic rider. In addition to his impressive performance in the 3 major road races, he has won other road races that include 7 year title romp of the Paris-Nice for the period 1982 to 1988.


5. Gino Bartali


He has won the top position in two staging of the Tour de France. He also won the top plum in Giro D’Italia for 3 times.


6. Felice Gimondi


He earned the moniker of “The Phoenix” after he won the Vuelta a España and becoming the only rider after Jacques Anquetil to have swept all three major road races.


7. Fausto Coppi


He won the top prize in the Tour de France in two staging and five times for the Giro D’Italia.


8. Miguel Indurain


He has won the Tour de France for 5 successive times and the Giro D’Italia for 2 successive staging. He was also declared champion in the 1996 Olympic Time-Trial championship.


9. Lance Armstrong


He holds the record of most number of Tour de France victories at 7 consecutive titles. He also won the Tour de Suisse in 2001 and the 1993 World Cycling Championship.


10. Jan Ulrich


He has regularly played second fiddle to Lance Armstrong. He, however, finally won his Tour de France title in 1997 to add to his 5 second place finishes in the Tour de France. This earned him the title of the “Eternal Second.”


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