Top 10 Costliest Music Videos

As cutting edge technology makes its way through music video production, the price tag of a short music video is even surpassing that of a full length movie project. Let us take a look at the top 10 costliest music videos which are considered concrete examples of extravagant indulgence.

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1. Scream; $7 million+; Michael & Janet Jackson

As with most of the music videos of Michael Jackson, this one went overboard with a whopping $7 million in total bill and this cost is easily twice the amount spent of the video material that took second spot.


2. Victory; 2.7 million; Puff Daddy

Victory is to rap video that tops among 5 music videos of this genre which in our top 10 list. It has all the requisite imagery and effects of an expensive video. It is complete with all the explosions, breathtaking jumps, shootouts and a lot more dramatic scenes not normally seen in a typical music video.


3. Heartbreaker; 2.5 million; Mariah Carey

If there is one video that practically makes no sense, then this has got to be it. You will find yourself at a loss at what the video is trying to convey and you feel a totally bewildered as it has got be this expensive just to create an MTV that is cluttered and unorganized.


4. What’s It Gonna Be; 2.4 million; Busta Rhymes with Janet Jackson

This is one hip video that really deserves to be in the top 10 list. It has all the seamless quality of graphics that we can associate with Terminator 2 and The Abyss.


5. Larger Than Life; $2.1 million; Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys did a pretty good job in this music video project. Hence, we can say that it is money well spent. The B-Boys are amazingly cute as space robots fighting in a bizarre cyberworld.


6. Miami; $2 million; Will Smith

Well, what would expect of a video featuring Will Smith. The guy is always associated with big budgeted ventures and this music video is no exception. What can possibly justify the large amount spent on the music video is that it serves the dual function of promoting the movie of the same title.


7. She’s a Bitch; $ 2 million; Missy Elliot

Here is another good example at how not to spend your money on a music video. Watching the music video, you will be left wondering where all the funds went.


8. Unpretty; $1.6 million; TLC

This video has adopted cutting edge technology in the image rendering of waterfalls. Nonetheless, the cost of the music has gone haywire because of internal wrangling among the project proponents.


9. November Rain; $1.5 million; Guns N’ Roses

This is one amazing video treat. This classy and seamless video material is incorporates storytelling and the highlights of the live performances of Guns N’ Roses.


10. Girlfriend/Boyfriend; $1.5 million; Blackstreet with Janet Jackson

This video completes a circle of the most heavily funded music video. It is a straight up computer animated video material which uses a pinball as its general setting. Computer animation is expensive and so is Janet Jackson.

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  1. lamota

    I love micheal may god keep your soul forever until the day comes. I love U.

  2. Kara

    You forgot Ayumi Hamasaki’s Music Videos

    Fairyland (2 million dollars)
    my name’s WOMEN & GREEN (1,8 million dollars)
    JEWEL (1 million dollars)

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