Top 10 Diseases with No Known Cure

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6. Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease


This incurable and very rare disease is a highly degenerative ailment that attacks the central nervous system. The probability occurrence of this disease is placed at one in a million individuals.


7. Influenza


This incurable ailment is more commonly known as flu. There are three major types of flu designated as type A, type B and type C.


8. Lupus Erythematosus


This incurable disease is more commonly referred to as lupus. It is an autoimmune disease that results to inflammation in specific parts of the body.


9. Polio


This type of incurable disease is sometimes referred to as infantile paralysis. It is a highly infectious disease that attacks the nervous system which can lead to paralysis when not properly managed.


10. Ebola


This viral disease causes severe and extremely serious hemorrhagic fever which oftentimes results to death. It is zoonotic and also affects chimpanzees and gorillas.


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