Top 10 Renewable Source of Energy

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With the advent of cutting edge technology, we are now harnessing alternative sources of energy that are not harmless to the environment. Let us take a look at the top 10 renewable energy sources which are also considered clean sources of energy.


1. Nuclear Power


Nuclear energy harnesses nuclear power technology to extract energy from the controlled reactions of the atomic nuclei. Up until 2007, nuclear energy accounted for 14% of the world’s energy supply with Japan, France and US producing 56.5% of the world’s nuclear energy supply.


2. Compressed Natural Gas, CNG


The compressed Natural Gas or CNG is the cleaner fossil fuel substitute to crude oil based products as it does not cause greenhouse effect. Natural Gas powered vehicles are now gaining popularity in Europe and elsewhere in the face of rising cost of fuels.


3. Biomass


Biomass is the recyclable source of energy that comes from both living and dead biological matter. The biomass technology is harnessed to power heavy industries using common trash such as wood chips, yard clippings and dead trees.


4. Geothermal Energy


Geothermal energy is the recyclable energy source that is directly extracted from the earth using natural process. The technology can be used to extract the energy required to deliver the residential heating requirement. It can also operate on a large scale to deliver electricity in a large scale through a geothermal power plant.


5. Radiant Energy


This power generation concept can generate the same amount of energy as the ordinary electricity at less than 1% of the generating cost. Switzerland is presently operating about 6 models using the technology of radiant energy.


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