Top 10 Renewable Source of Energy

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6. Hydroelectricity


The hydroelectricity draws energy by converting hydropower into electricity. Among all the recyclable sources of energy, the hydroelectricity is the most widely used worldwide.


7. Wind Energy


Wind energy is the form of recyclable source of energy that is harnessed from wind powered turbines and which is converted into electricity.


8. Solar Power


Solar power is the form of recyclable source of energy that harnesses the power of the sun. It is considered as the energy source alternative that holds a lot of potential and is gaining considerable progress with the application of advanced and cutting edge solar power technology.


9. Wave Energy


The wave energy converts the energy that comes from surface waves into usable energy. It is used for power generation, desalination of water and even pumping of water in reservoirs.


10. Tidal Energy


Tidal energy is used as recyclable energy source by harnessing barrage generation process or tidal stream generation process. It is considered eco-friendly and has less impact on the environment.


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