Top 10 Most Successful Epic Movies

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6. Das Boot, 1981


The epic movie is set in 1942 and story plot is all about a submarine fleet of Germany that is engaged in a tight engagement in the Battle of the Atlantic. The movie chronicles the dogged human spirit and professionalism of the crew of a U-boat in their effort to accomplish an impossible mission.


7. The Last Emperor, 1987


This epic movie chronicles the defining moments leading to the decline and abject fate of the last emperor of China, Pu Yi. The erstwhile object of worship of a Chinese nation ended as just a member of the working peasants in the People’s Republic of China.


8. Schindler’s List, 1993


The movie is about the story of a greedy and vain businessman of German descent who became the unlikely guardian of hundreds of Jews and saving them from imminent death under the barbaric reign of the Nazis.


9. Der Untergang, 2004


The movie is a close look of the dramatic events during the last days of the Fuhrer leading to the downfall of the Nazi regime in April of 1945. The climax of the movie shows how Hitler and Eva Braun spent their last moments inside the Bunker.


10. The Great Escape, 1963


The epic movie tells the story of heroism and bravery of Allied forces as they attempt to escape from a German POW facility during WWII.

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